Easyback is the chair with the highest level of technology and customization.
Unique in terms of efficiency, ensures maximum comfort you could ask
in the office environment.

We are constantly reducing the dimensions of the boxing from 50% to 75%. This gives the possibility of minimizing the number of delivering vehicles, resulting in a cleaner and quieter environment.

Small Packging

Small Packaging

10 minutes to mount
10 components
4 step
2 clicks
0 screws

Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy

20,000 combinations for you and your seat

Wide Range

Wide range


Our values, our strategy and our goals are expressed in the Ergotec policy, particularly in the protection of the environment, where we strive every day to try to maintain and increase our contribution to the environment. From the design to the production, we pay particular attention to reducing the impact of our product packaging, the use of recycled and recyclable materials and production processes that reduce energy consumption to a minimum. A better product is also a green product.

Ergotec for environment
EasyBack: migliori prodotti, miglior futuro


Ergotec’s commitment is to create chairs that can improve work quality, knowing how to design and produce them with a practical and aesthetic sense is a fundamental guarantee for daily use. Convinced that objects that are part of living and professional spaces have a profound impact on the motivation, the productivity and on the well-being of the individual. These are fundamental variables for the quality of life.

Quick & Easy

Mounting system without screws .

Assembling the race, the wheels and the piston is quick and easy

Step 1

Step 1

The mechanism slides on a rail on the base of the seat; then is attached on the piston and to the rest of the chair

Step 2

Step 2

The backrest is hooked onto the base of the chair, with a simple step and without using screws.

Step 3

Step 3


With our mechanism can easily replace the mesh from the backrest of EasyBack


  • Backrest with mesh or padded lining. Automatic docking without the use of screws. Height-adjustable lumbar support. Headrest available.

  • Choice of armrests can be fied, adjustable 2D and 4D. In PU. Can be equipped with ipad holder/pen holder/glass holder.

  • Fully removable seat with the help of the quick connecting mecchanism. Side-shifting seat.

  • Auto weighing synchro mecchanism in 4 blocking positions. Quick connecting “click-on” mecchanism without the use of screws.

  • 5-spoke alluminium or nylon base with pivoting wheels Ø 65mm.

Easyback Basic

  • Backrest with mesh or padded lining fied with screws. Already mounted and ready to use. Height-adjustable lumbar support. Headrest available.

  • Choice of armrests can be fied, 2D and 3D adjustable.
    In PP o PU.

  • Seating is non deformable cold-pressed polyurethane foam, underseat with instruction holder. Available in standard or with side-shifting seat.

  • Auto weighing synchro mecchanism in 4 blocking positions.

  • 5-spoke alluminium or nylon base with pivoting wheels Ø 50mm.


Syncro autofit mechanism, shockproof device and 4 locking positions. Predisposition to attach the seat without using screws.

Meccanismo Sincro

Syncro autofit mechanism

Adjustable height by means of (using the) gas piston

Pistone a gas

Gas piston

Adjustable pivotable armrests with 100 mm adjustment range in height and width adjustment.

Braccioli Regolabili

Adjustable armrests

Specifiche tecniche


The time that we dedicate to our customers, as long as you are dedicated to sharing our ideas, time to spend with our partners... The time has not only quantity, but also quality. The quality of time has nothing to do with life, but says that any point of time, it has a certain quality, which allows to emerge only those facts that are tailored to this quality.


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